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JUnit-addons, version 1.4
API specification

JUnit-addons is a collection of helper classes for JUnit.


junitx.ant Provides classes that integrate some of JUnit-addons functionalities for the Ant build tool.
junitx.extensions Provides classes that are meant to extend the framework.
junitx.framework Provides classes that extend the junit framework.
junitx.tool Provides classes that are meant to be used externally to the framework or the test classes.
junitx.util Provides classes that can be used by the test classes for enhance functionalities.


JUnit-addons is a collection of helper classes for JUnit.

The best way to contribute to the project is to write your own additional classes.  Use them for some time and if you see that you can't live without them, then submit your code into the project's patch section.   You can either submit a patch (cvs diff -u > mypatch.patch) or simply your source files. Alternatively you can request for a feature but you'll have to wait until someone decides to implement it.

I hope you'll find this project useful,

- Vladimir R. Bossicard (vbossica@users.sourceforge.net)

Main features

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The different modules can be checked out from CVS.  All code is alpha and no support is provided.  If it works for you, fine; if it doesn't, you're out of luck.

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version 1.4

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